Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Before you start attracting - Do you know what you actually want?

One of the major problems with the law of attraction is the fact that it does not care if you are wanting good things or bad things. Depending on what your prominent thoughts are depends on what the universe will bring into your life.  Most people spend most of their energy thinking about what they do not want and the universe see's this and just gives them more of what they do not want.  What you need to do is figure out what you DO want and focus on that.

If you want to get out of debt for example, do not think about getting out of debt, think about having more than enough money for everything you need. Thinking about debt will only attract more debt  If you are not happy in your relationship, do not focus on the negative aspects of your relationship all the time, think about the positive things and really focus on them.  Make a like of all the good things about your partner and relationship and really focus on them and feel the feelings of those good times and before you know it they will become more and more. The perfect example of this is when a husband does something nice for his wife and she shows appreciation, what does he want to do... more things that make her appreciate him. (and as a husband this is coming from personal experience)

What to do is sit down and focus on what you really want to be attracting into your life.  Keep your list on you at all times and throughout the day sit down and look at your list, focus on the feelings of already having the things on your list and the universe will sense your vibrations and send more your way... thats how it works.


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